Our story

The airbulb story started over a coffee at our office in switzerland – our computers were running hot as we were working for our new overseas project. The dry and bad air in our office was killing us. We started to look for a humidifier in the internet but only could find old fashioned, noisy and expensive humidifiers. Thats were the idea of a new, classy and healthy product was born: AIRBULB is  a smart and healthy wellness tool that helps people live a healthier life in their home, office or anywhere else. Headaches, fatigue, dry skin were just some of the issues we wanted to address when we began working to create something new –

Our aim was to make AIRBULB incredibly simple to use, with end-users and their hopes and habits foremost in mind.

We hope you will enjoy AIRBULB and the fresh wind it brings into your home.

About Us

Meet our people

Elizaveta Petry
Thomas Landsberg